One week old today

Waaah ahhh oooooo That’s Melody’s way of saying “hi” and “wish me a happy birthday people, because I am one week old today! In fact, as my Mommy is posting this, I will be almost exactly one week old to the minute. I’m starting to do pretty well, resting after eating, doing a lot of diaper changes, that sort of thing. I need to go shopping for clothes because I only have four outfits that fit right now. Although I am already a clothes horse, they are mostly for 3 months or later and I am a petite flower at 0-3. Hmph, and you thought I’d be too big for 0-3.”


2 thoughts on “One week old today

  1. Happy belated birthday, Melody!
    I gotta say, looking at the ‘Pretty in Pink’ pics…you are starting to look like your Mommy! Sorry, John. :)

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